Christina & Ben

Wedding highlight

This time I have been honored to witness the love of an awesome couple whose life has been blessed with friends, life, laugh and lots of travel.  They met in a soccer team and they have been inseparable ever since. They have chosen one of the most magical places in the world to celebrate their wedding: Seal beach California.  A truly inspiring day that any bride would wish to have.Wedding highlight


Stephanie & Evi

A beautiful wedding in Chicago

WATCH VIDEO Stephanie & Evi Chicago Wedding Destination

A wonderful city full of life and color is the setting of this beautiful story. Stephanie & Evi met many years ago and immediately fell in love. Both promised to be there for each other- always. Being an active member of the military, she had to go away to a far continent to serve her country. However, she never forgot the promise she had made to her beloved man. Now she is back and both have decided to take the next step and  tie the knot starting a new adventure as husband and wife.

Church: Saint Juliana Parish
Venue: Untitled Supper Club
Music licensed through
Destination Wedding Chicago
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Gaby + Jonathan -Durango Sin.

This time we were taken to Durango and Sinaloa sor this wonderful wedding. A real honor to have traveled with this couple to such beautiful places and to have witness a beautiful wedding in an old Hacienda. Three days that were full of great moments with an amazing couple. We are sure you will love this one, too!


Sarahy & Carlos

“I fell in love because of the million things you did not know you were doing”.

Sara and Carlos have just started the most beautiful adventure of their lives; living with their best friend and partner, sharing their lives and love with the person who stole their heart at first sight in Med school. A gorjeos bride and a handsome groom share their biggest day showing their true love and excitement with family and friends.


Yuli & Luis Cancun beach wedding

A glamorous drop-dead gorgeous destination wedding filled with love, dance, tequila and a beautiful white-sand beach. Words cannot describe what being there was like. It was more than obvious to see that Luis will always be deeply in love with her. Yuli`s dreams have come true finding at last her handsome blue prince. Lovely fun evening with friends and family from all over the world celebrating a great week  at the beach.